Meet our Fitness Trainers!

Andrea Gabris

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Andrea has over 15 years professional experience working in the field of health and wellness, with her formal educational background focused into Cardiopulmonary and Health Science.  Andrea is a full-time health and fitness professional with multiple certifications as a CPT, CGEI and CNC, actively working with all ages and fitness levels.


"My passion is forging relationships to create lasting, functional change, to promote the overall health and wellbeing of our members!" -Andrea

Ben Hoang

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Ben has been training for close to 13 years; he's done anything from power-lifting, cross-fit, to calisthenics. He is also proud to serve his country, being in the Army for 8 years.

"I am passionate about promoting sustainable health & fitness not just for the physical benefits, but the emotional & mental benefits." - Ben

Nico Bosques

Nico has been a member with Powerhouse for years and has been training for 8 years. He graduated with a Bachelor's in Exercise Science and is also an amateur boxer.

"Health and fitness has improved my quality of life in many ways. With my passion to help others, I am very excited to be able to assist others in improving their quality of life through health and fitness." -Nico

Zac Magee

Zac has served in the United States Marine Corps for 4 years and has been training for years. He has a huge passion and drive to help others grow and achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals.

"With my passion for fitness, I am extremely honored and happy to be part of the PHG Macomb family." -Zac